Pandemic Radio: HEY DOUGLAS Live in Europe Set 2018

Tell you what… I’m not generally a fan of live shows by DJs but I’d go see HEY DOUGLAS in a minute! I don’t even know what you’d call this, a mashup of traditional Turkish music with dance beats and layered samples of pop and rock tunes, but… Yah, I’d go see Hey Douglas.

I’ve had this on since mid-morning yesterday and can’t get enough. When you hear how different this is, you recognize instantly what’s missing in a lot of dance and electronic music. It’s just about originality. Fuck it, just listen to this.

I’m not going to carry on this morning. I pushed myself yesterday and had a full day. It’s the first time I’ve broken 30,000 steps since before my guts decided to explode back in July. Things are still far from good but yesterday was better than good. I did everything I wanted to do and then some. It felt good. I don’t know at this point if I’m ever going to be “better” but yesterday was the best.


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