Pandemic Radio:Hey Douglas Live Set 2 (Youtube´de ILK) (2018)

HEY DOUGLAS is everything, at least for the last 24 hours. I’ve played other artists but keep returning here. There’s just so much in it. It is fucking deep.

I’ll give it a 95, Mr. Clark, because it’s funky and you can dance to it!

All I’ve got today is music. Sleep didn’t come so easily and I’m bloated and agitated. The music is here though and that’s what there is to focus on. It will keep me upright.

Upright is the best a person can ask for on some days and it’s something to be grateful for. Not that there isn’t plenty to be grateful for. It’s just harder to feel it some days than others. Music sort of slices through the bullshit and jams the door open long enough to see everything else.

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