Pandemic Radio: Super Rare Rockabilly

This mix is, quite by surprise, exactly the sound I was looking for this morning. It came up alongside a Peruvian cumbia/chicha mix as a suggestion and the image grabbed me. Guess what. It works.

It’s a vibe. It’s got my ol’ dog up and moving too.

I bought plane tickets last night for the Reno show. I’m not really looking forward to it but it really just is what it is. This is the events business. It’s not a business unless we do events, right? Nobody counted on Covid-19 and all the ensuing arguments about safety and security so you just suit up and show up. The funny thing is, it’s not Covid-19 that concerns me, despite my personal health concerns (because I’m not sure I have it in my system to fight an infection). Getting sick doesn’t really scare me at all. It’s the prospect of arguing with people about masks or whatnot that troubles me. Confrontation isn’t the concern either, insofar as anyone getting in my face. That’s no big deal. It’s merely a question of being fucking done with the arguments. It’s being fed up with claims of freedom and patriotism and so on. I mean.. seriously?



This is how the morons have framed it.


I’m going to have to change up whatever routines I’ve been up to in the interest of staying level. Who knew that stupidity could be so dreary and exhausting? It saps my will to be awake. In any event, I’m off to Reno for an event. Even the airline regulations tire me. They sent me a list of flight restrictions already because just getting a plane is a hassle. There was nothing at all about pandemic restrictions. It was all about the size of my bag and being able to choose a seat.

Insert bored face here.

Just get me there safely and get me back. I don’t give a flying fuck about the rest. (Flying fuck… see what I did right there?)

It could very well be that I’ve been writing less lately simply because I’m bored with the outrage. Bored with my own outrage. I used to say, if you’re not outraged then you’re not paying attention. Now it could very well be said that if you’re still outraged then you haven’t been paying attention. Nobody should be surprised by anything at this point. If there is something stupid to be said, then not only has it already been said, but it’s been said so many times and said by so many people that it’s become a movement. It’s a Fucking Stupid Revolution. What is there left to write about?

Were I a good writer, or maybe if I just had the energy, I’d link to some of the more egregious examples of stupidity but I’ve grown lazy. You’re all probably already reading the same news. I don’t want to flog you with more of the same. It would just be cruelty at this point. There are better things to share, like the rockabilly mix above.


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