Pandemic Radio: In Memoriam – A DLoaw & Co Label Tribute (A Trip Hop Mix) – Part I

It has to be said right off that I know nothing of this record label, nor the person they’re paying tribute to here on this mix. The mix works for me today though and that’s what matters. That’s all that matters. Everything else is a distant.. a distant something. Not second nor third but something. I crashed early and woke at about 1 with my skull on fire and collapsing. I’m plowing through the pain now and trying to get the day started. It’s going to take some coaxing though and that’s where this mix comes in.

Tracklist: Intro 00:00 Beatween – Connect 00:08 Ours Samplus – Banger One and Only 03:33 Oldtwig ft Lime Kain – Dunes 06:53 Raycord – Analog Vite 12:28 Raycord – Guig on Fire 15:32 Beatween – Vapeur 20:24 Blossom – Canvas 23:30 Blossom – Three Isles 27:27 EclipticSelftet – Sacrifice 31:44 il-lo ft Brain Blake 34:29 Moderator ft Jeanette Robertson & Witness – Bind you to my Spell 38:22 Raycord – Slow Break 40:55 Voide Pedal – Mauser 44:46 Boztown – Tell U the Truth 48:08 Moderator – Space Vandals 52:59 EclipticSelflet – Empty Chairs 55:31 Dr Quandry – Can’t go on without you 59:12 Roger Molls – Melography 1:02:10 EclipticSelftet – Broken Kinoton 1:06:16 Moderator – Sorrowing Heart 1:10:01 Framworks ft Rioghnach Connolly – Dawn 1:12:50 Moderator – Words Remain 1:17:39 Arms and Sleepers – A little larger than the entire Universe 1:20:51 Le MELODiST – Sa Nas 1:23:45 Void Pedal – Pair 1:27:15 Mikedecline – Sucre Man 1:29:56 Mononome – Why is it I spend the day 1:33:32 Boztown – Feeling 1:36:44 Moderator – Vasai-Virar 1:40:07 Boztown – Own Me 1:44:11 Jean du Voyage ft V Soundara Rajan – Exode 1:47:42 Nym – Cansaço 1:51:35 Boztown – Gulf Stream 1:54:02 SomehowArt – No More Pain 1:55:47 Travelling Day – Blue Road 1:59:30 Arms and Sleepers – Hurry Slowly 2:03:12 Arms and Sleepers – Sooner or Later 2:06:31

By this time next week I’ll be off in Reno, on the high plains just this side of the Sierra Madre. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! Yes, that same Sierra Madre. No treasure there though. Just a long way from home and working. It will probably be better than I’m expecting it to be. Fingers crossed. Stay positive, even when positive seems so far away. It seems especially far away this morning with the blinding throb on the right side of my head. Here’s what it all comes down to though: This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

Or as George Harrison said, all things must pass. All things must pass away.

Or The Crocodiles: Whatever you’re feeling right now, bad or good, isn’t going to last.

That last line is what helped me to finally understand. I’ve gotten more value from it in the last dozen years than anything. It breaks it down to two directions. If it’s good, then just shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Be in the moment. If it’s bad, then just shut the fuck up and endure it. It’s going to pass if you let it. Everything is everything. It’s all good.

Except if it’s not. But if it’s not, it’s not going to be around for ever either. Get the picture?

This must all seem like nonsense but it wouldn’t if you were in my aching head. This mix here is fire though. It really is. I had no idea. I just took the chance. It’s low-key fire, like sitting in the dark on a chilly pre-dawn morning, watching a big log burning slowly in the fireplace. You know those mornings. You know those fires if you grew up in the country. Those slow burns are everything when you get into the fall and winter and it’s cold out there. You want to be in the moment? Sit in front of one of those fires on a cold morning with your feet towards the hearth and your hands wrapped around a cup of hot coffee. There is no other moment.

And for now there is no other mix. But this too shall pass.

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