Radio Free Dystopia: Front Line Assembly – Total Terror – Part I (1986)

Changing the name up a bit, because why not?

Why not?

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY still capturing something in the air. If the ears could do photo-realism on a vibe… a zeitgeist, well then you’ve got Total Terror.

Does total terror describe where I am though? I’d put myself more squarely into the utter disgust column, or just file me under “fucking over this shit.” Yah, that works for me. Just over this. Thirty-five years though for this album and it’s still got it and that’s saying something. Was FLA ahead of their time? I’d say so. They were at least ahead of me. It took me the whole 35 to catch up and suss out what they were doing in 1986. I’ll admit that in 1986 if I had pussy and beer then the world felt really beautiful. Alcoholic and desperate for affection. Not a pretty picture, but pretty accurate.

Insert a smiley face emoji here, ya goon! I’ll pretend I was joking about that part.

Okay, I could continue to stretch for words this morning, or I could just finish my coffee and walk the dog. The latter seems the more productive option. What I’ve been trying to convey here though, for the last couple weeks, is why Industrial is so appropriate for this juncture in time. Maybe the music should speak for itself because my writing is all over the place. The music is what it is though and much of it is more than three decades old, so why now? Why not something more gleaming, digital tech age? Well, maybe because some great greasy machine has to generate the power beneath it all though. Something has to keep it going. The data flow isn’t self-perpetuating. Without the great machines it would all go dark very quickly. And most of us live down here in the exhaust of the great machines.

Down here.

Way down here.


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