Radio Free Dystopia: Front Line Assembly – Total Terror Part II (1986)

Not quite ready to give up the vibe. Still in the flow. Industrial. Coldwave. Etc. It’s still working for me. Out here somewhere on the perimeter. whatever that means. The perimeter of rational thought it must be because I still feel like I’m buried deep in it. This is the wreckage of post-capitalism. You’re not going to find a whole lot that makes sense here, and you’re going to want something to make sense but it’s easier to let go of the hope of finding that. Trick question, baby. There is no fucking order. Got it? Remember the scene from Apocalypse Now on the Do Lung Bridge?

Okay, so now you’re getting it. This isn’t exactly a combat zone but it’s no less insane and we’re not the ones in charge but nobody really knows who is. Of course this is all going to come across as cryptic but one day I’ll get to the point and write something more cohesive. Suffice for now to say that the storyline has collapsed for a lot of people and it isn’t making sense so a lot of people are acting really goofy. Shit makes more sense when you stop expecting shit to make sense. Just listen to the music. It’s not exactly pretty but there’s a strange comfort in it. It’s like a lullaby but there’s still a monster under the bed. You may as well go to sleep anyway because the monster may or may not be coming for you and you’ll never know when anyway. Being afraid in the meantime just isn’t sustainable. Just listen to the fucking music.

It’s a strange time in a very strange place is all I’m saying, I suppose.

Now I actually want to watch Apocalypse Now again.

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