Radio Quarantine: Dead Skeletons – Dead Magick (2011)

Something a bit more upbeat going into the weekend? Maybe?

Maybe not. The first track, Dead Mantra, is stuck in my head though and it may stay there for a few days unless something jostles it out. The rest is really good but Dead Mantra kills it!

So yah, it’s DEAD SKELETONS for Friday morning, the nod going to Iceland to go along with a 20 degree temperature drop. Hello autumn. I suspect, though judging only from their musical output, that I would get along just fine in Iceland. They’re my kind of people. It’s my kind of vibe. Note to self: travel to Iceland.

Off to a bit of a late start today, having spent the night in Hoboken and heading back to Brooklyn this morning. I’ll have to try that more. It just feels right. There’s something about falling asleep and waking up with her that seems right. It doesn’t happen often enough to take for granted. The warmth of her body, waking up momentarily in the wee, wee hours, settled the world for me. It settled the very idea of being partnered, though that’s something I haven’t been struggling with. Whatever. It just needs to happen more often.

Settled is a good word, and it should be the word of the day. I write often in the mornings about being anxious and restless. All that does actually sell short where things actually sit with me, and I’ll repeat for anyone who hasn’t been listening. I am okay. I am good. Mostly good. I am just very restless and that only means that things still need to change, and maybe even more than before.

Things are generally pretty cool. My health could be better. Some externals could be better. The externals can be changed. Me personally? I’m okay.

I’m okay.

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