Radio Quarantine: Megamix EBM OldSchool (88-90) Dj Blonda

2019 Youtube offering… EBM mix from DJ Blonda. To be true to the muse of truth and honesty, EBM is a term I’ve only just heard in the last few years, despite that it’s been in wide use since the 80s. You can only know what you know though, and to double down on honesty, I probably wouldn’t have listened to this in the 80s. I didn’t listen to most dance music. It was too…, well to my mind it was frivolity, even when it was heavy shit like this.

Why lie? I just wasn’t that cool back then. I’m not really now. I’m just more open. That’s about the beginning and end to it.

So… Thanksgiving. Yes, I am. I remain thankful.

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