Radio Quarantine: Foxtrot Sierra his Uniforms – Fender Hobo Lounge (2015)

Man, it’s hard to say where to even begin with Foxtrot Sierra his Uniforms. There are the obvious questions: Who are they? What kind of music is it? There are no readily available answers to be found. With as much as I can gather they are a Berlin (Germany) studio project and they play a kind of popcorn noir, rock/pop/jazz, 70s film soundtrack style of music. That’s only going to answer the questions if you’re old enough to be familiar with that era of film and particularly drive-in or late show type movies, groovy, low-budget shit. It’s instrumental fire to me, but may or may not be someone else’s bag. What can I say that the music can’t?

It’s been an interesting week so far, to round out the year on plain, old weird. Firstly, the first case of the new Covid variant, Omicron, was picked up a couple days ago in California. It was a woman who had just flown in from South Africa. No doubt there’s plenty of it already here but since South Africa was the first country to put up a major alert they’ve been tighter with the testing, so… I got the Pfizer booster yesterday so we’ll see. No side effects yet either but it will be hard to tell anyway because I always feel like shit and that’s cyclical so if anything happens it may just be camouflaged by normal aches and pains.

Secondly, there was a $4.3 million dollar virtual real estate deal this week. As hard as that is to wrap someone’s head around, someone just paid that much for land that doesn’t really exist. It’s as easy to grasp really as bitcoin or NFTs or anything else that only exists as a digital entity, which translates to not easy at all. It all just seems an elaborate, but otherwise transparent plan for people who already have money to hold onto it by hiding it in schemes built around “things” that have no physical form. Then again though, the stock market utterly eludes me and seems designed to put a larger value on something than it merits and profit off of it. I’m a simple man. And as simple as I am, I will weigh in more over the next couple days on this whole Metaverse business. It just keeps ringing in my head that we’ll be creating a simulation of what’s already largely a simulation, and then monetizing it. Tax write-offs.

Thirdly, we had robots reproduce. I discussed that in this space yesterday. Who even knows what that portends? It could mean nothing or it could mean everything.

And lastly, in the less lofty realms, people down here on Earth still hate each other. There was another school shooting in Michigan. The Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter is making the celebrity circuit, on television and getting photo ops with an ex president. Congresspeople are threatening each other and passing laws restricting the 1st Amendment, strengthening the 2nd, and deciding what women can and cannot do with their bodies. This isn’t at all new, but they’re an awful lot more bold about it lately.

I picked a strange time to quit smoking.

It’s probably time to do more with this space that short, stream-of-consciousness summaries and daily check-ins. I could certainly put more thought and effort into this if I’m going to do it every day. The entries exist more as mile markers with musical curios, but… I’m notoriously lazy and it almost seems pointless. You all have the same news resources as I do. Maybe the Google algorithms push the more fucked up stuff my way.

Speaking of which, here is another reason that I want to be put in a rocket and shot off into space. Escaping this planet? Why not, at this point?

Woman Allegedly Breastfeeds Cat On a Delta Airlines Flight

Fucking hell!

Tell you what: The last track on this album, White Noise Beat (Mo Tucker Jam), is molten lava hot. It’s the best Velvet Underground jam ever not written and performed by Velvet Underground. It’s got my personal guarantee. If it doesn’t rock you, you’re already dead.

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