Radio Quarantine: ELECTRONATION [218] EBM OLD TAPES 2

Dec. 2 2021 YouTube Mix

This one just went up yesterday and I was number 55 on the listening list. Dude man needs a greater reach because it’s kind of a shame to limit these mixes to such small circles. It is what it is though and I was lucky enough to get them served up by the algorithms. They’re pretty special and nobody is throwing that word around loosely.

So the first case of this Omicron variant traced to New York is someone from Minneapolis who went to an Anime show at the Javits Center before Thanksgiving and came back with symptoms, etc. My guess on the timing is that it was already here but nobody was looking for Omicron specifically. That’s just going by mathematics and the odds of it appearing here before Minneapolis being greater just because of population size and density, and also that NYC has more international travel. Also, dude was here for three days and had symptoms upon returning home. Seems a short incubation period, so I’m thinking he brought it with him, but it was already here anyway. Either way, its appearance here was inevitable but now we’re going to have to listen to sensationalist media pretending they’re smart enough to analyze and track the trajectory of every case. They’re not generally our best and brightest.

Not that I’m minimalizing or diminishing the threat. It just is what it is, and is it even our greatest threat at this point? It may just be that our greatest existential threat is within our own state governments hammering away at rights… or… you know what? I don’t know what our greatest existential threat is. I really don’t fucking know. It’s been about 36 hours since I got that booster and I don’t even know if there are side effects beyond an achy shoulder. Just the business of being awake and listening to all the horror stories of day to day existence have me fatigued. The roommate’s boyfriend hit me last night with talk of how this virus has to be a bioweapon because it mutates in a different way than we’ve ever seen a virus mutate, etc. God knows even where he got this story. There is so much bullshit flying around that fact and truth are fairly well rendered invisible.

I’m vaccinated. I’m going to be reasonably careful, whatever that means. I’ll either see you on the other side of this, or I won’t. I think I’m reaching acceptance, but maybe I’m just tired of talking about it. As your personal attorney and physician though, I recommend that you double down on this mix. Check the tracklist:

  • X – Tractor – Ich will hier raus (Club Freak Mix)
  • Collapsed System – Youre In My Head (Leipzig-Remix)
  • Evils Toy – Hypnosis
  • Manipulation – Spur Die Kraft (Home Mix)
  • Political Assassination – Honour Of Killing
  • Will – Father Forgive
  • Kobayashi Maru – Stahltanz (Ballhaus Mix)
  • Abduction Into Reality – You’re Dead, Who Cares
  • Steril – Timebound
  • Violent Ghandi – Soil
  • Digital Convention – Digital Time
  • Image Transmission – Forced to Fear
  • 26z (Solitude) – The Indifferent
  • Inside Treatment – Bleed For You
  • Negative Format – Liquid Transmission

I really just don’t know what to say this morning, or maybe I just don’t know what to say at all anymore. That sounds more bleak than it’s intended. It’s just a statement of condition. Most of what’s being discussed is well above my pay grade. I wish more people would acknowledge that it’s above theirs too and just shut the fuck up.


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