Radio Quarantine: EBM OLD SCHOOL MIX (Jan 20, 2020 YouTube Mix)

This mix predates the pandemic and it makes me wonder where things sat back on January 20, 2020 when this mix was posted. If memory serves… I’d just come back from a week-long show in Orlando. We were getting pumped up about Austin and Chicago. We were… well, things were different then. There was a meme that stood out this morning. The image was unremarkable but the caption rang my bell. It said simply, “Haven’s seen a single MF yet talkin’ ’bout how 2022 gonna be they year.”

Nope. Not a one. Nobody talking shit about “manifesting” and “making shit happen.” There’s something refreshing about that, but scary too. Not going to lie. It’s unsettling to see everyone unsettled, even when they’d only just been delusional anyway.

Manifesting… settle the fuck down.

Not that I couldn’t stand to do some manifesting myself, but that’s another story for another time.


I wish the dude that posted this mix had manifested a tracklist, but whatever. It’s hot. Really hot. I’m more than happy to share this one.

A lot of my own creative energy, by the way, has gone into taking photos of street art and various things that catch my eye. You can see some here:

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