Radio Quarantine: BLACK BOX [144] ELECTRO DARK MIX 2 (Nov 20, 2021 YouTube Mix)

Doubling down on the Electro/EBM thing so may as well stick with DJ Fabio as well. He’s killing it out here in the interwebz. He’s bringing it home.

A lot of it is mood of course. My mood, in particular. There is nothing at all to complain about. Life, and my life in particular, is perfectly fine and there are no real complaints. I’ve been out and about in public though and the weight of people is wearing on me. Even when they’re perfectly wonderful people it just feels burdensome to have so many of them around. My emotional bank account is nearly depleted and that’s all there really is to say. It took decades to figure out what wore me down and left me so empty all the time. It turned out it was a combination of the fear of being unloved and alone with my thoughts, coupled with the real depletion that came from hiding in crowds. Does that make sense? Am I wording that correctly? Am I articulating something that others might be familiar with?

Something last night, or maybe a combination of everything, triggered another horrible headache. The last leg of the trip home was all nausea, sick lights and an increasingly pounding skull. My meter redlined somewhere out there and it was just time to get home and hide myself away to recharge. Where does that stand this morning? Well, it would be really tempting to be done with this day right from the start and call in, but that’s not going to happen. Not just yet. I’ll get it done.

So what is it about this music that resonates? I believe that it has something to do with a pervading/prevailing emotional state. It’s the cold, metallic, industrial rhythms that captures it. It’s the strange, processed, often mechanical vocals. It’s that element of not-quite-human but close enough to resemble human quality and the cognitive dissonance it evokes. I get it. It makes sense to me. A blend of organic and inorganic with the discernible differences fading. It’s the pure science fiction quality. The music sounds like what the world looks like to me. That may sound terrifying to some, but it makes enough sense to me that there is comfort there for me. It’s validating and reassuring to know that it’s not just me. I’m not crazy.

Or maybe I am but I’m in good company. Anyway, the tracklist:

  • SPLATTERPUNK – Psychoterminal
  • ZAUBER – Funeral imagination
  • MICHELANGELI – Unforseen Plans
  • THE HACKER & HIV – Növo diskö (Millimetric remix)
  • MAURI – Critical Day (feat Victor Haze)
  • SMFORMA – New Birth
  • KRIS BAHA – Push the Feeling
  • TWIN TOWERS – Giselle
  • HUMAN PERFORMACE LAB – Sabotage & Subversion
  • RHYS FULBER – Signal Flare
  • RADIKAL KUSS – Data Suicide

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