Radio Quarantine: BLACK BOX [145] ELECTRO DARK MIX 1 (Dec 3, 2021 YouTube Mix)

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day… December 7, 1941. I could do the math but how many years now? Eighty years? Are there any survivors still alive? I seem to recall just yesterday there were many, but now maybe none at all. Perhaps? Not sure.

My head hurts too much for this today. I just can’t.


  • PSYCHOSOMATIK – Release Me (industrial mix)
  • LUCIFER´S AID – Nobody Cares
  • TOM TRITOXIN – Deep Water Horizon
  • SPROG – Discordia (M-linc vocal)
  • MAURI – Critical Day (feat Victor Haze)
  • DATARAPER – Prosium
  • CIRCUMPOLAR – Into The Heart Of The Sun
  • DANIEL B./ ELKO B. – Nomenklatura
  • EX – TENSION – Freedom (alternative mix)
  • TANNHAUSER – Born in Fear

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