Radio Quarantine: BLACK BOX [144] ELECTRO DARK MIX 1 (Nov. 18, 2021 YouTube Mix)

This DJ Fabio is giving me life with these mixes on Youtube. It does very much bear repeating though that a lot of electronic music , to me, comes off more like a soundtrack than it does music composed for the sake of the music itself. It all seems that rather than create an aural, sonic world to invite the listener into, they’re writing music to accompany specific actions. Like maybe it’s not actually for dancing, or even fully listening, and that’s what music fulfills for me. I want the immersion, not musical accompaniment. That said, it’s a busy world and there is definitely a place for musical accompaniment, so I am here for this stuff. I’ll gladly take it.

it was a long ride back from New Jersey this morning in the wee, wee hours. Not the distance was farther than the last time, but the trains didn’t connect and sat delayed. It’s funny in a way because delays aren’t a big deal when you’ve got nowhere to be at any specific time, but it can set a foul tone for a day. I’m going to try not to let that happen. There’s no reason for it. My reaction to the “indignity” of waiting is both humorous and frightening. It’s also totally fucking pedestrian. It’s shamefully base.

Oh well. I’ll get over it. I’ve got a soundtrack. And a tracklist:

  • ntro: THE TRIBE – Look At You Now!
  • VOID CELLS – Outward Quant Terrarium
  • ALPHA & NECROMANTE – Death & Dishonor
  • SCHWEFELGEB – Reflex (An-i Remix)
  • BAK XIII – Headbanger
  • SPROG – Discordia (M-linc vocal)
  • QUANTIC CHURCH – Millenium Jihad
  • E.S.R. – Regression (human wasteland mix)
  • QUAL – Hell’s Door
  • EX – TENSION – Freedom (alternative mix)
  • PSYCHOSOMATIK – Damage Done (Original Version)
  • DATARAPER – Prosium

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