Radio Quarantine: ELECTRONATION [217] INDUSTRIAL * HARSH EBM (Nov 24, 2021 YouTube Mix)

What do you do when it feels like Friday night but its only Wednesday? That’s simple. You tighten your seatbelt, turn up the music, and hit the gas. Push on through. It’s not like its Tuesday night. You got this. No worries. It’s definitely a bit unnerving at first but don’t let it rock you. Just hit the gas.

I do think I’m wearing out the EBM thing, if even temporary. Have to see how it feels in the morning. This is an incredibly hot mix but maybe a little bit more texture and dynamics are in order. Maybe. We’ll see in the morning. It’s not a big deal either way.

I’m going to just stick with the music right now also. Thinking makes my brain hurt.

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