Radio Quarantine: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – of Natural History (2004)

Sometimes you just have to wake up and get weird. You have to go feral. That’s how things are leaning this morning. Time for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. There’s no point of comparison, not for me anyway. You just have to have the cojones to click Play on this one. There are comparisons to Zappa and Beefheart. There are references to Les Claypool and Primus. It never gets quite close enough to make those connections though. See for yourself.

So yah, sometimes you just wake up and that’s where things are. Don’t be shy. Get weird. Nobody is going to judge you. Not here anyway.

Or you could just say that nobody should get ahead of themselves. This may not be experimental. It is probably not avant garde. You may just want to call it prog-rock, and you wouldn’t exactly be wrong either. But nobody cares.

Me? I’m just looking for something that slashes across the rhythms of the city morning so I can get into my own flow. It’s like slot-car racing. That car is never really free because it’s stuck in that groove and the groove is where the power source is, so… So get out of the groove and find an alternative source of electricity or you’re always going to be zipping around in a circle. Not even circles, but that same old circle.

There is nothing same old about Sleepytime. They have their own shit happening. This works for today.

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