Radio Quarantine: Sleep Chamber – Spellbondage (1987)



This is a new one altogether, for me. Known apparently for dark S&M themes, it’s not hard to see how they didn’t break through to the MTV crowd back in the 80s. Groups like Depeche Mode skated along the edge of this manner of darkness but never quite took the plunge. Sleep Chamber goes beyond the black leather and BDSM imagery. In for a penny, in for a good pounding, as it were. It’s all heavy enough thematically speaking to be absolutely perfect for these long Covidian winter days, and these are Covidian days. There’s the new Omicron variant tearing across the world. Lines at testing sites are forming hours before opening and hospital wards are filling again. Here in New York a lot of the shows and functions are shutting down, not by government mandate but by the number of infected staff. Restaurants are closing for the same reason. You can’t open the doors if you can’t get the food cooked and from the kitchen to the table. This is going to be a rough one, for sure. I’m going to have to venture out at some point today to join the lines for a test. There is a remote chance that next to someone who may have been next to someone etc. I’m not really afraid, but I’m not “not afraid” if that makes sense. I kind of reached acceptance before it occurred to me that there would be something to accept. I guess I view infection (at some point) to be an inevitability. It’s just a question of mathematics. Of probability.

So it’s a kind of bondage. I’m submitting and kissing the whip. I’m not the one in control here.

This video was just put up on YouTube yesterday and there are still under 30 views. I’m a bit surprised that there aren’t more, though the account has under 400 subscribers. I don’t know. I guess I expected the audience to be larger, considering the theme. The artists is pretty prolific so it just seemed there would be more searches. I wonder.

There isn’t much else going on here in these new pandemic winter days. It was a lovely Christmas and not morose at all. It was really wonderful. There is something to be said to submitting to forces of The Universe more powerful than yourself. It’s freeing to let go. Let go or be dragged, as the Crocodile says. Indeed. Let go or be dragged. You may be dragged anyway but you can lower the odds. Much bondage is self-bondage. You don’t have to lash yourself to a great stone, and certainly not a rolling stone.

But now the anniversary is past, and Christmas 2021 is past and only New Year’s Eve to come. And of course uncertainty is the rule. Let go. Let it happen, whatever it is.

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