Radio Quarantine: Afterdeath Television – Inertial Observer (Nov 28, 2021)

Afterdeath Television… Like a lot of vaporwave, these are sampled sounds or plunderphonik and the samples here are AI generated, or some of them are. One may have to hear the samples independently of the manipulation here for that to be meaningful, right? It’s not just me? For it to be meaningful in a musical sense anyway, but the theme of being lost in time and space, and a collaboration of sort between a human and an AI… well that definitely resonates. It’s an interesting piece… vaporwave, ambient, drone… it works. It definitely works. It was just put up on YouTube yesterday and I’m the 12th viewer. I know I’ve been mentioning numbers like that recently but there is something significant to the numbers. What are the odds in a universe of billions to be only number 12? That speaks to the vast numbers on these platforms too, both contributing and viewing. The volume of the content is staggering.

I may roll over and go back to sleep today. It seems a waste of precious time off, but at the same time, it is such a sweet privilege. I’m worn, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s easy enough to say that this is always the case, and maybe it is, but some days are worse than others. I’m tired. Halfway through this first cup of coffee and no life. No kickstart. Sleep seems entirely reasonable right now.

Entirely reasonable.

Let’s just to that. Or even to just get lost in space and time with this recording.

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