Radio Quarantine: Galaxie 500 – Today (1988)

Jangly guitars? Check

Distortion? Check

That far off kinda lonesome been around the world and back vibe? Check

Okay, it’s Galaxie 500. I haven’t checked in on this album in forever but it’s still doing fine. It’s not that it was ahead of its time at the time. It’s not dated though. It’s one of those collections of songs that floats along just outside of time. It could have appeared in any number of five decades or so and gotten along just fine. it was perfect for 1988 and it’s perfect for today. What’s today? It’s just a chilly, leafless mid-January day. It’s could be 1988 but it’s not. It’s 2022 and I’m not speaking for anyone else but that’s fine by me. I don’t remember feeling this good in 1988. It was a rough time. I hadn’t figured out who I was yet, which is sad because I was a grown ass man. it’s was probably about another ten years though before I heard this album. I was busy working on my head and after ten years of hearing about Galaxie 500 it was about time to check them out.

The reverb and the jangle on the guitars opens up a space in time big enough to walk straight inside without stooping or crouching. It’s a hurtling though space sound with moments of drifting. But it feels like a dream I had about my childhood but can’t quite remember. That’s okay though because I can’t quite remember my childhood either. Or rather I can’t remember if how I vividly remember it is just a very vivid construct of my imagination. Make sense?

I don’t wanna stay at your party
I don’t wanna talk to your friends

I don’t wanna vote for your President
I just wanna be your tugboat captain

It’s a place I’d like to be
It’s a place I’d like to be
It’s a place I’d like to be
It’s a place I’d be happy

It’s a place I’d like to be
It’s a place I’d like to see
It’s a place I’d like to be
It’s a place I’d be happy

You know what I mean?

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