First Tweet of the Day

I’m not a big twitter user. There are bursts of manic flaming, but then my interest falls off quickly. I did decide though on a whim this morning that I’d write something about the first tweet at the top of the feed. This was it:

Yah, thanks Joe. Done and done a while ago and then came another variant so we spent half the holidays in semi-isolation.

Is this something I want to write about?

No, not really.

Well, why not?

Because I believe I’ve said everything there is to be said about it. The story isn’t even the virus itself, or the pandemic. It’s about shitty behavior. That’s the real pandemic. It’s the real contagion. That is, at the end of the day, what’s been killing people all along. That’s the real threat to quality of life. Just plain shitty ideas driving shitty behavior.

But yes, do get vaccinated. I mean that. Test when you need to. Wear masks. Practice good hygiene. All that stuff. Just do it.

Maybe we’ll try this other shit another time.

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