Radio Quarantine: Benestrophe – Sensory Deprivation (1994)

This album would have made it here on the basis of the cover art alone, because well… you know by now, that’s how things work, at least in my head. Anyway, before Mentallo & The Fixer there was Benestrophe. Call it two brothers from Texas doing their best imitation of Germans or let’s just say that Industrial is a global thing. There was a point, it seems, when the entire planet was awakening to and vibrating to the sound of the factories and machines.

The oddity for me is that in a web-universe of millions, this was just posted to Youtube today and mine is the first view. Is that special? Not really. Just uncommon and unlikely given the math. It is what could be described as a statistical anomaly or an improbability. Yet it is true.

But I’m just rambling.

It would probably be best to just stop talking this morning. Thoughts aren’t exactly connecting and that’s not a new phenomenon actually. It’s just worse today.

Ciao for now, fuckers.

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