Radio Quarantine: Einseinseins – Zwei (2022)

Hey! The 80s is calling and they want their Germans… er… Einseinseins back! Well, they’re not mining any new sounds here, but they do what they do well. Parts sound like classic, minimalist Krautrock. Parts sound like the synthpop soundtrack to a John Hughes film. You can just see guys with gold tipped hair and keytars. That may come off as a cheap shot but it’s meant in the best of humor. This is just very 80s. It’s fun. Don’t get it twisted. I’m enjoying this.

It’s with some difficulty that I face the world on this Monday morning. Fake it ’til you make it is what The Crocodiles would say though. You still need to pay the rent. That’s all there is to it. You have to keep the lights on. That’s just the bottom line. Everything else is a bonus.

Hell, over a certain age, every morning is a bonus. You can decide how you feel about that and at which age this becomes a rule. For me, some days it feels like 50. Other days it feels like 18. Don’t ask me to explain. You’ll find out if you haven’t already.

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