Radio Quarantine – Radioactive Sago Project: Urban Gulaman (2004)

Dateline Quezon City, Philippines… and what strikes me as a kind of Southeast Asian answer to Ozomatli, but different, maybe with some Morphine thrown in. They’re Radioactive Sago Project and it’s kind of a halo halo made of funk, rock, hip hop, jazz and spoken word/poetry. Loving the hell out of it for real. It’s hot.

Only issue is my Tagalog is pretty much non-existent except where the similarities with Spanish carry it. Still… when have I let language be a barrier to enjoyment? The tunes make it. The energy carries it. That’s all I got though. Nothing to say here.

I feel obligated to get into something about my latest zombie apocalypse adventure, the Korean series All of Us Are Dead, but I don’t have the energy. It’s well worth the 12 hours though I’m going to be hard-pressed to tell you why unless you like zombie movies.

Get what I’m saying?

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