The Metaverse is already a sad place.

Meta is putting a stop to virtual groping in its metaverse by creating 4-foot safety bubbles around avatars...

Consider this. There have already been widespread reports of sexual assault in the Metaverse. But has everything you’ve witnessed on social media and digital fora over the last 20 years led you believe that it would be anything less than a shitshow of abuses? The way people carry on in the digital realm, with little to no fear of accountability or repercussions, is pretty toxic and horrible. There are probably some deep conversations we need to have about who we are as human beings before moving forward with any more technology.

What these personal space zones in Meta amount to is donning armor to go out in public. Is this how you want to live in any part of your life, online or off?

Just some thoughts here and it ties into what I’ve said about human nature and technology regarding robots. The very idea of robots hadn’t been around that long before we’d conceived of using them for slave labor and sex. The concept of the Metaverse had only come into common, household usage in the last six months and already there is some manner of sexual misconduct.

We are ugly.

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