Radio Quarantine: Config.Sys – Propaganda (2001)

electronic experimental electronic industrial techno Gelsenkirchen

Yup, Config.sys is German. No, they don’t technically speaking have to be German but who does Industrial better? There may or may not be another part of the world that turns out bangers like these more consistently, but I haven’t found it, so for now… Achtung, baby.

The line stuck in my head this morning: A death sentence is more liberating than a life sentence. It’s on repeat, for some reason that as of yet hasn’t revealed itself. The translation seems pretty obvious to me. Not going to bother dissecting that. The less time you have left, the less other shit matters. It’s not your problem anymore. And life? Well, that requires a lot more energy, doesn’t it? My days are limited so there’s nothing really to sweat. It takes a lot of pressure off to perform.

It’s part of the shit we’re not supposed to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable, but anything you’re not allowed to talk about is going to make a person uncomfortable. I would say it would be a good thing to normalize talking about death and other subjects we like to defer the conversation on, or avoid altogether. I’m not into sacred cows though. It’s something we’re all going to do and we can’t really share it after the fact so why not now? Make fun of it. Laugh at it. It’s the only thing that every single one of us does.

Hell, laugh at everything. Why not?

Anyway, that’s what stuck in my thoughts this morning.

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