It’s been nice…

Sick Cunt

Vladimir Putin puts Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert

And just like that… But no. This really isn’t any surprise. It’s been coming a long time and there was never much doubt that he (or someone else) would make the threat. It will definitely happen at some point, even if this is just a ghastly threat. It really comes down to the old saw, if you hang out in the barber shop long enough you’re going to get your hair cut.

Am I afraid it could really happen?

You bet your ass I am. I’ve never not been afraid. This was the fear I was born into and I talked about it so much that people around me got sick of hearing it. Make no mistake. This s a very real possibility. How much thought you put into it is up to you, but it’s not time for a lot of cowboy bullshit tough talk. You’ll get called out on all that. As a matter of fact, the West is being called out right now. Putin is asking, how much do you really think you care about Ukraine?


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