World War III Radio: Mainesthai – Out To Lunch (1994)

Peeking out of the bunker… looks like we’re all still here, or most of us at least. Numbers of casualties are still up in the air. The body count hasn’t been updated yet, but even still, that’s over there and things are still quiet over here, except for the steady flow of I stand with this or that. Brooklyn is still here. I’m still here. I’m listening to MAINESTHAI, which is a side project of Mentallo & The Fixer seen before in this space. The Out To Lunch album is almost 30 years old now but probably suits the 2022 zeitgeist better than 1994. Back then the wall had recently come down and Ukraine was only recently independent. Things were… maybe not hopeful, but it was new and fresh. Then the floor dropped out from under us in the last couple years. Long story short, the music seems more appropriate for 2022 than 1994. Funny how art works like that sometimes.

The bombs haven’t started dropping here yet though so it looks like it’s time to go to work. The vax and mask mandates will be dropped again a week from today so provided we don’t get a new variant spike picking people off there will at least be something to distract us from Eastern Europe. There will be a lot more of that “back to normal” bullshit and maybe it’s not bullshit. Maybe ignoring the body count and getting on with things with very little thought is normal. It’s a frightening prospect for me but that’s me and apparently not everyone. My opinions have never been particularly popular and that’s going to have to continue to be okay.. Anyway, we are going to be too busy getting back to normal to think about people getting blown up. Maybe…

I stand with… well, right now just myself and a small circle of loved ones, some with two legs and some with four. I stand with them.

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