Radio Quarantine: Mabisyo — Virtual Nirvana (Feb 24, 2022)

Not quite a week old, this release by MABISYO. Barber Beats seems to be what I can digest these last couple days so why fight it?

Why fight anything?

I fell asleep shortly after coming home and with the exception of an extremely painful stretch between 2 and 3 or so, stayed that way. It wasn’t exactly physical pain though that was part of it. It was manifesting as stabs of anxiety and psychic discomfort. Like a too much to do and too little time scenario, but acute. I fought the urge to scream with all my might. It felt like that might have helped. Yet you can’t just go and do that, can you?

Some semblance of calm, or maybe just resignation settled in this morning. This is where we are, and there is a soundtrack so let’s slide forward on the momentum.

But it still feels like something bigger is about to happen, and after last night’s low-level anxiety attack I’m no longer certain if it all may be inside my head. It doesn’t feel like it, but it could be just me. But it feels like something real. The next boot, and all that noise. About to drop…

About to drop.

Just breathe.


Remember to breathe.

You could very well be wrong.

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