World War III Radio: The Cambodian Space Project – Electric Blue Boogaloo (2015)

Wrapping up a surreal week of pandemic and war, so why not just go full-on weird here? Cambodian Space Project is a good place to start with that. Yes, Cambodian psychedelia is a thing but don’t get too stupid about it. Russians shelling Ukrainian nuclear sites became a thing this week too, so you tell me which is more fucked up and strange and psychedelic. Not to wake you all up to unpleasantness but if you turn on the TV and see anything happier, get right to it. I’m just trying to keep it real here, and sometimes keeping it real means keeping it real funky. Turn this shit up and do the Twist, or the Monkey, or the Pony, or all three at once. Why the fuck not?

Most of the pandemic restrictions and quarantine regulations are being lifted this week so we may have to change the name permanently to reflect the news. Time shall tell. I’m not even sure how I feel about it. The masks and the vaccine checks got pretty routine a long time ago. It actually would reserve a moment to exchange pleasantries with restaurant and theater staff. It was a comfortable little pause there to start any activity. It was sort of nice.

Clearly, there were plenty of people that didn’t agree. Masks have already disappeared where they weren’t supposed to disappear yet, like on public transportation. Oh well, I guess people would rather take the risk than have any reminder of their vulnerability. People are kind of funny that way and nobody is talking about haha funny.

This album is actually an interesting change of space for my space. Each track is a banger in every sense of the word banger. It’s loud, crazy, stomping rock and roll, totally 60s garage band style. Totally a shift in sounds for me. Not that I never put it on at home. Old time rock and roll occupies a lot of space on my shelves. It’s just that I never really actively seek it out anymore. It hasn’t really fit the prevailing mood or zeitgeist or whatnot. Today feels different, for now anyway. It’s not that it doesn’t still feel like the big one is about to drop, but there’s room for everything I suppose. If the world is going to explode, why not dance?

Why not dance anyway? You’ll probably need the release more if you’re going to be sticking around for a bit, because it’s all become a big clusterfuck lately. It’s kind of scary, and if you’re not concerned that you’re probably a sociopath, so just dance anyway.

Why not dance?

Track 10, Rom Ding Dong, is all you need to have a good day.

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