World War III Radio: Bulgarian & Balkan Trap & Bass Boosted Mix (2020 Mix)

There’s very little else to say today. Some days/moods don’t really require words. Music is a necessity for every day though, and this is a bad ass mix. It sounds dangerous. It sounds like something that would scare “adults.” It plain rocks and there’s all there is to it.

If I were trying to score a truly fierce gangster movie, I’d start right here.


  • 1. Biz – Petrunko
  • 2.BlVST – Bulgarian
  • 4.Slavic Trap Music | Agressive Hard Beat
  • 5.Mytha – Kafal Sviri
  • 6.Apashe – Dies Irae 7
  • .ZwiReK Beats – Deva
  • 8.Slavic Mafia – Bratva
  • 9.CONNOR RM – Manolka
  • 10.Beautiful Bulgaria Bagpipe | Prod. By M&M Beat x Tarky
  • 11. DJ 89 – НАРОД | NAROD
  • 12.IC3PEAK – Грустная СукаSad Bitch

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