World War III: Massiv In Mensch – Belastendes Material (2001)

What’s left to say? The Right is the Right, and the Left is the Right and nobody has told the truth for so long that nobody even knows what it is anymore. All you know for sure is that you can trust either side but neither side is saying the same thing they were saying just a few days ago. It’s all upside down and backwards and they’ll swear that this is what they’ve been telling you all along, and you know that it absolutely isn’t. You could give into the exhaustion and just go along to get along, or you could curl up in a ball. Either option is perfectly valid. It doesn’t matter. You don’t matter. It’s all so much bigger than you, and me, and everyone, and sooner or later the bombs will drop on us too and we will probably deserve it.

Just dance.

I won’t stand with Ukraine.

I won’t stand with Russia

I won’t even stand with The United States. Is a child wrong for not standing with an abusive parent?


You get what I’m saying? Not my monkey. Not my circus.

Anyway, this is Massiv in Mensch. Yes, more Germans, simply because they seem to be able to describe, in any medium one chooses, just how dark and strange the world gets sometimes.

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