World War III Radio: Les Berrtas – Nekropolis (1992)

World War III Radio may or may not still apply. I’ve barely glanced at the news in the last few days. There are still plenty of people alluding to war though so I’m assuming that something is still happening somewhere. There was a mention of Poland issuing a dire warning to Russia, invoking the threat of incurring the full wrath of NATO whatever that may be. There seemed to be no follow-up from NATO. Escalation does seem inevitable, but we’re going to have to see. China and Russia are appearing awfully friendly after generations of hostility. The world is upside down though so who knows where allegiances lie at this point? We’re all going to die at some point but probably not today for most of us. That’s an odd comfort. It gives me more time to dredge up the invocations and incantations of Germans like Les Berrtas. What’s going on with these people?

I’m in a strange place psychically, and that could come across as redundant with me. It must sound like one of those yah no shit what’s new statements, but it’s particularly strange, like a low key… depression? There may be a better word for it but let’s stick with depression for now, if only for the sake of surrendering to that possibility. Admitting to depression often comes with a degree of guilt, like what the fuck man up what do YOU have to be depressed about don’t be a pussy… you know what I’m saying. I’m just trying to look at these feelings from every honest angle. Taking care of simple responsibilities seems difficult. Something to look at there. Lying on the mattress like a starfish allowing no feeling or sensation in but the feeling of the mattress has its appeal but it doesn’t seem normal. Or maybe everyone has to be play starfish from time to time. Again, this is just about being open to possibility here. My traditional views haven’t quite explained this funk.

Or perhaps I’m just listening to too many Germans. Chicken. Egg. Egg. Chicken. Cause. Effect.

I’m weary.

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