World War III Radio: Billie Eilish, Carla Morrison, Cigarettes After Sex, Emma Peters, Edmofo, OMER BALIK, YA NINA, Zubi (March 2022 Youtube Mix)

Let’s just do another one of these Deep Melody mixes from Youtube. There’s something easy about them, even if the song choices sit generally outside my usual tastes. There’s a soundtrack out there for every vibe and every mood and I’m a moody person. Not moody so much in the usual dour sense of the word, but meaning more a person of many moods. There’s a broad spectrum of feelings so why not just explore all of them to their fullest? That’s where you learn about yourself. It’s not within your comfort zone that you find the treasures. You have to stick your neck out some.

The last 24 has been somewhat more peaceful. It’s not just my inner state though the Serenity Prayer has been my mantra through every waking moment. Things around me are a bit more peaceful. Not entirely quiet but toned down some. It’s still too soon to count on it staying this way for a bit, and it’s never going to be quiet long term until some changes are made, but…


Even a short peace, or a quiet detente, can do the trick. You get a little window of time to recharge and reload. Take a ten minute nap. Rest your eyes.

Okay, time to begin the begin.

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