World War III Radio: Timeshare ’94 : Groot In België (March 9, 2022)

This bad boy from TImeshare ’94 is just two weeks old. It doesn’t exactly fit in with my understanding of Vaporwave, but whatever. We’ll take it. It’s about the music and it’s never been about what you call it. I like to offer a point of reference for whomever might happen across my morning confessions, but it’s not always readily available, especially when I step outside of my usual paths. Vaporwave works as well as anything else. It might even be easier to tell you what it’s not but that would be a lengthy list, so… whatever. Groot In België is deadly. I knew from the first sixty seconds that it was the one.

The Ukraine business doesn’t seem to be expanding yet. There have been talks between Ukraine and Russia and one of talking points is Ukraine’s potential promise not to join NATO, a move that could potentially blow up the entire situation, and no pun intended with that. It rang a little false to me as NATO hasn’t made any real overtures toward bringing Ukraine into the fold but it’s definitely been a threat they’ve used repeatedly over the last couple decades to hold Russia off. I’m only wondering why Putin would only now consider the possibility a valid threat. Ukraine has some indefensible internal issues that the rest of Europe finds problematic, so… I don’t know. I only bring this up because a) the longer this goes on the greater the likelihood of escalation beyond the current borders (especially since Poland has voiced serious concerns about the need for greater troop presence), and b) there is going to come a point where the entire truth of this media circus is exposed and I’m wondering which will come first, peace with borders intact or total annihilation. And frankly, I’d like to see this end before everyone gets dragged into it. My inclination is that this is not a global issue unless everyone else makes a conscious choice to make it so, and that powerful parties have a vested interest in tilting public opinion towards the viability of global involvement. Anyone who isn’t terrified at that prospect is a moron. Someone would have to explain to me why exactly why this is more than a regional issue. Yes I get the implications of allowing Putin to annex Eastern Europe but it doesn’t seem a lot different than what, for example, we are paying Saudi Arabia to do to Yemen.

I don’t know, man. The idea of getting involved in a European war should be more of a horrifying prospect, and the more we position this as one of those 1950s anti-expansion moral dilemmas to stem the Red Tide, the closer we get to going back in time to a very dark era. Not into it. Fuck this, frankly. Fuck this.

I’d just as soon not have World War III on my mind, and be able to re-title these morning screeds once again. This isn’t a game they are fucking with and all this heated rhetoric is going to turn into a very real fight with a huge human cost. And as much as that sounds like a no-shit-Sherlock statement, people aren’t exactly exhibiting signs of knowing how dire a situation we are in here.

So, good morning.

Enjoy the music. It’s Vaporwave from Belgium because they say it is.

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