World War III Radio: VR SEX : Rough Dimension (March 25, 2022)

Rough Dimension by VR Sex is a side project for Andrew Clinco/Deb Demure of Drab Majesty but could have as easily been a DM album, I think. It’s all the same to me, but not my call. I can say this though. Rough Dimension is pretty fucking awesome. That’s all that really matters. I was surprised to see it come up on Youtube through the Vapor Memory channel as well, as they nearly deal in spacier, mellower vaporwave, but no gripes here. The barrage of fuzzy distortion when I opened it up was more than welcome. Yes please. Thank you.

So what’s the major difference between VR Sex and Drab Majesty? It seems to me to be a question of volume, really. It’s harder and louder. It may in fact be darker but that might be a stretch. It could just be that the additional volume makes it sound more dangerous. There’s an irony in that also having grown up in a wave of slick, semi-chill, sunny California sounds like Beach Boys into Steely Dan, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. There was always another side to Los Angeles and it didn’t take long for the whole truth or the other side of things to come out. Seems VR Sex is carrying on that other side of things. This is grimy. It’s sleazy. It’s… dirty.

I don’t do reviews though. This space is more about marking my path through all this other bullshit and this is where things are this morning. You can hit up Google for a review. There’s a cut and paste actually right on the Youtube page, accompanying the video. That should satisfy anyone who wants a proper review. This right here though is just a little pile of stones by the side of the road, indicating (if you’ve been following) that I passed by here, and maybe sat for a bit.

I don’t know that I’d say I’m in a dark place personally. That wouldn’t be entirely accurate. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that I’m not personally impacted by all the bullshit going on in the world though. I skimmed one single news article this morning and it made me sick to my stomach so I moved on to music, the taste of bile still in my mouth. Some dweeb cunt from The New York Times was saying that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could mark the end of a long period of relative peace in the world. I think that could be easily rebutted or at least corrected. It’s been a relatively long spell of white people around the world not going to war, but it’s not like we haven’t funded an awful lot of killing in the non-white people world. Bankrolled, sponsored, incited, and created, to be more truthful. Exactly why war, replete with all its horrors and dead children and refugees resonates deeper when it’s dead white children is beyond me but I’m not going to let bulshit lie where it’s dropped at my feet. The world has not been peaceful since the 90s. It’s been anything but and the US, UK and Western Europe have been directly responsible. End of story.

Except it’s not the end of the story, is it?

So if I seem like I’m in a dark place, let me thank you all very fucking much for pushing me into it. It’s not a dark place I chose to be. I’m going to make the best of it while I’m here but don’t expect me to jump in and be a cheerleader for dishonesty. I’m not buying into this garbage. I’m like a kid that got dropped off at the mall and his parents forgot to come pick him up. And there’s nothing here at the mall that isn’t bad for kids. Anything could happen, and it does regularly.


But I’m going to make the best of it while I’m here and I’m going to find something or another to get into.


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