World War III Radio: DEEP PSYCHEDELIC DOWNTEMPO UNDERGROUND Mix | Chillout | Organic | Trip | Ambient | Deep House |

It is exactly what it says it is, just a mix someone carefully pieced together and posted up for us some five years ago, or so. Nothing more or less, but more than enough. It’s chill but not really so much chill out. There’s just enough tension to offer you something to move ahead by. Not so much that it makes Monday morning any more anxious than it needs to be. There you go.

Ending a long weekend and at the beginning of another work week. There’s going to be plenty to keep this a pretty busy week and hopefully not so much that it tilts the balance toward fuckery. We shall see. It’s bigger than me, man. It’s just bigger than I am. I’ll take it as it comes. I’m not exactly in a good spot but it’s not so bad either. It’s balanced in a way.

In a way…

There is enough good. There is, in fact, an abundance of good. The question remains that in an abundance of wonderful, why does the presence of any amount of bad at all consume so much time and energy? It’s ridiculous, really. That’s a meditation unto itself. What’s wrong with me that anything in the deficit column has so much gravity? There is plenty of it, certainly, but comparatively speaking not all that much. Why does it demand tribute?


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