World War III Radio: Hypnotic Assembly Device [Dub Techno mix] (May 20, 2022)


It may hit differently on any other day, but on this day, this mix has come down like fire from Heaven. It’s moving me. Hard to say why, but more and more these days the why doesn’t matter. Some things can’t be explained. Some things don’t need to be explained. You just take the gifts and block as many punches as you can and move. Headed into a holiday weekend with a typical holiday weekend cloudy sky to start the summer, that’s the best advice. Just move.

Just move.

This has been a tough week. Some clown walked into an elementary school in Texas and murdered a bunch of kids while the police sat frozen outside. The arguments began before the bodies had been carried out and counted. The “thoughts and prayers,” or the most vile and base of all virtue signaling, began before they knew the shooter had been killed. I’ll be straight up. The dread of having to face these conversations yet again hit as hard as the horror of the act itself. Man, how many times do we have to hear these same words from the same parrots? I can’t do it anymore. Just fucking do something! There were 19 babies and two teachers murdered and the best Governor Abbot of Texas could offer was, “It could have been much worse.”

Much worse for whom?

The world is hard to process sometimes. Even old ENIAC up there in the cover image couldn’t have sorted this kind of shit out. What is the probability that something horrible like this happened a single time and that decades later nothing was done? Slim to none, right? At least amongst people who claim to care?

Nothing was done. Not a thing. One side offered thoughts and prayers and the other side pointed fingers and the issue was dropped, and that happened over and over and over and over and fucking over. Like the film Groundhog Day but not funny. We woke up again and again and children were killed again and again and nobody did anything but pray or blame. End of story.

This event triggered something in me though and the feeling internalized itself and once inside it found other nagging issues, and… and… and… it’s been a tough week.

Headed into a holiday weekend though under a typically cloudy holiday weekend sky.

And… and… and…

Let go or be dragged, right?

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