World War III Radio: Sleeping Dogs Wake – Threnody (1990)

You know what? This isn’t even necessarily the vibe I’m feeling this morning but Sleeping Dogs Wake came across the transom yesterday morning and it’s too good to let pass. It would end up forgotten in the flow so it’s probably best to just drop it here now. And what do you want to call it? Industrial? EBM? Whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty excellent.

Heading into this week, the last before vacation, under-slept with a wrenched back, so with a lack of sleep there’s a wrenched brain too. It could be all caught up by tomorrow but if not, then we’ll just have to shoot for tomorrow night. I’m not making light of not feeling 100% but there isn’t a lot to do about it.

Roll with it.

Just roll with it.

You’re okay as long as you don’t make it a bigger deal than it is. Be mindful that you’re less than tip-top and measure responses to any given stimulus. That’s the key. We’re all adults here… but no, wait! We may not be so just be mindful of your own contribution to any interaction. That’s all you’ve got. That’s all there is.

Let’s just stick with the music today, okay? Ride the waves.


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