Small Screen Quarantine: The Dangers of Psychological Projection

Sigmund Freud for breakfast? Because… Why not?

Why the fuck not? Sometimes you just need to lean in. It’s like sleep learning though. You listen before you’re fully awake and get blindsided later in the day by a connection. By a memory.

That’s the way my days work anyway. Plant a seed at six. Walk face first later into the tree trunk that’s grown where the seed was dropped. Like, oh shit yes, I get it now. There we go.

“Projection change the world into a replica of one’s unknown face.” ~ Carl Jung

I’ve a fair amount of experience of projection and transference. Have I escaped it entirely? That answer may change day by day. It’s like The Matrix. There’s an image projected over reality. You’re familiar with the idea. You have a white screen. You project an image on it. You’re no longer looking at a white screen. The depth of the image can be so profound that the illusion forms its own gravity. There’s an entire world there. Layer upon layer of images have to be removed to see anything close to the truth.


The particular video, by the way, while informative and thoughtful, goes a bit deep into some psychological concepts that to my view are a bit archaic. There are ideas of masculine and feminine that don’t really hold up and may be more projections from Freud’s and Jung’s insecurities around women. Just a thought. 21st Century understanding of masculine and feminine may not render the ideas entirely obsolete, but many of us are definitely further along.


I try to keep it more simple. I am learning to focus more on my own shit than taking someone else’s inventory. The latter behavior does lend itself to projection and/or transference. Let other people deal with their own issues. Focus on myself and it’s a focus on something I have some agency over. I can move towards keeping my own side of the street clean.



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