World War III Radio: realizing we’re living in a dystopian reality (April 2022 Mix)

This bad boy would have made it into this space on the basis of the chosen images alone. There are no credits assigned to them but someone found a treasure trove of futuristic, post-industrial, post-urbanization decay. They are magical in their own right. The combination of the scenery and the music is so perfect.

We have similar landscapes right here in Brooklyn, or similar but not so extreme. It’s close enough to feel familiarity and hence identify with the music.

I’m watching them build along all the waterfronts. They’re building skyward beyond anything that is currently standing anywhere. They are taking every inch of room and building up, casting shade over everything else. They will steal the view. They will steal the sky and leave us in shadow. Hence no fictional dystopia is that far beyond reality. They are taking everything worth looking at.

Everything is being paved except for small patches of grass and trees that they call parks. Not to be confused with carparks.

I’m tired.

I’m tired and the music doesn’t really help, but it’s not hurting either. The big machines rolled in last night to scrape and re-pave the highway out front. Nobody really got much sleep in the last few nights. Nobody around here anyway.

But okay. More work.

More work.

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