World War III Radio: Mabisyo – Children Of Radiation (2022)

Mabisyo has hit this space once before earlier this year, so you know what it takes for a second appearance. Just a consistent heat. You can tag it any number of ways and it’s all fair. This is where Bandcamp puts it, or maybe where they tag themselves on Bandcamp: 

drum & bass electronic experimental ambient barber beats chill chillwave downtempo instrumental jazzwave post-vaporwave post-wave vaporwave Chile

Again, it’s all fair. I wouldn’t say it falls firmly into any of those tags, except for maybe “Chile” where they’re from but it’s all in there to some degree. It’s a different vibe. It’s kind of soundtrack-ish but that’s perfect, isn’t it? Every collapse of civilization should have a soundtrack and it doesn’t have to be grinding horrorshow music, though some abrasive industrial often does the trick. It just has to reflect a time out of time, at the end of time. Mabisyo has that covered. You’d be hard pressed to place it in any decade of pop music. Maybe its time hasn’t come yet? Not sure.

A time out of time at the end of time… Don’t worry. I haven’t become consumed or too impressed by a clever turn of phrase. I’m just still turning the phrase over in my brain and in my mouth. It could just be that I’ve found the right descriptor for these strange mornings… these dissociative mornings… early, alone hours… a time out of time at the end of time.

Time does seem short sometimes. I seem to remember walking into the ocean on New Years Day and that was just yesterday, right? I’m pretty sure it was yesterday.

Time has always sped by though. This is something different. Like it’s not a question that anything in the world is worse than it’s been at other points. Just that the existential threats seem a lot more tangible. When we talked about them 40 years ago we considered them “unthinkable.” Now they’re very thinkable! It’s not that there is a specific threat. It’s just an understanding that any random horrible thing wouldn’t come as a surprise. Nobody walks around saying it can’t happen here. Everyone seems pretty much certain that anything very much can happen here, or there, or anywhere. It’s not that people wouldn’t be horrified and frightened. They just wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think anybody really believes anymore that we’ve been so morally together and decent that some sky-daddy is going to step in and hold an umbrella of protection over us. I mean, you get the average asshole politician claiming that if we put prayer back in school then we wouldn’t have school shootings, but nobody is truly that stupid. There are shootings in churches so it only stands to reason…

But whatever… reason won’t protect us either.

So am I afraid? Well, yes and no. I fear in the sense that I think about these things more often, particularly on these early morning sojourns into the big feels. The instability in the world is credible and tangible. The knowledge that crawling back into bed tonight safe and sound isn’t guaranteed though doesn’t make me more fearful. It actually makes me more grateful for whatever time is slotted and allotted for me. Don’t just live it like there’s no tomorrow. Live it like there may not be a later this morning. You just don’t know, so just be grateful for this moment. Don’t be a cunt. Don’t spend your time with petty nonsense.

You know what I’m saying?

Do I know what I’m saying?

Yes, I do actually. I’m saying that we are right on the brink of strangeness and that needs a soundtrack. That’s what I’m here for. I am here for this.

I am here.

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