World War III Radio: Beat Chronicles #2 (Sep 9, 2022 Mix by The Beat Curator)

Fiona Watson: The Persistence of Sound

You know me well enough now to know that many of the musical selections that end up here are driven by the accompanying artwork, rather than the name of an artist or the reputation or reviews of the music itself. My eyesight is slowing going but it’s still not so limited that the visual images don’t drive most of my daily activities. We’ll see how that progresses.

The Mix Curator, a YouTube person, continues to put together incredible mixes. I will most likely continue to repost them as long as he’s still at it. Again and again, it’s a mood. It’s a vibe. Nothing more and nothing less. Choose a good cover and I’m likely to click on it. Set a mood and I’m likely to stick around. Thank you, whoever you are.

Still feeling “some kinda way” headed into a new season. Still waiting for that next shoe to drop. All indicators, both internal and external, point to it being a cold winter, if not related to temperature, than in regards to the general tone. Werner Herzog said that the universe is “monstrously indifferent to the presence of man.” I’d say that we, as a species, have set things in motion that are infinitely bigger than ourselves. So large that they have their own gravity, and with a momentum that will be impossible to slow, let alone to stop. It’s just a question now of how and when it will all manifest, but it’s going to be a cold winter. Cold as in unfeeling. These phenomena don’t care who or what is in the way. We’ll see, but I’m not going to bother looking skyward and waiting for it to fall. The plan is to go about my business and what comes will come.

Or I could just be fucking nuts, in which case there is also very little I can do.

But it feels like something big is coming. I’ve said that before and I’ve been right. I’ve said it enough times that now when I say that something is coming that’s much bigger than before, I don’t feel nuts. I’d prefer to be wrong, by the way. I really would prefer to be wrong.

We shall see.

Going to keep my head down and do my thing.

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