World War III Radio: Various – No Shibuya : Electro, Dub & Breaks “No Wave From The Japanese Underground 1980-1985” Music

I guess this would be a record producer’s Tokyo response to the now legendary No New York compilation, chronicling the No Wave “movement” in New York in the same time period. Why not? It’s a very small world when we’re talking about all the big cities and there was a lot of cross-pollination happening in the arts and music. And although it doesn’t sound at all dated to me — this was a sound that was removed from the stamp of time — it is of a time for me. It sounds just as new but gives me nostalgic pangs also. It is…

Of a time…

And just like the attempts to re-animate the atmosphere and magic of Woodstock were miserable failures, you can imitate a sound but you can’t make it happen again. There was no plan to begin with. There were no real movements after the European art crowd stopped writing art manifestos way back when, but there were no real movements. I still hear people using words like “punk movement” or “grunge movement” but it’s all inaccurate. Nobody planned it. It was all just vibes that gained momentum here and there… New York, Tokyo, London, Seattle, Cleveland or whatever. The conditions became right and magic happened. The rest is history and good marketing… marketing that worked like carpet bombing really.

This is a great album.

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