World War III Radio: VA – Iroke Kayōkyoku : Japanese Sexploitation Erotica B-Movie Pink Films Lounge New Age Jazz Music

I’m going to be lazy and just pull the notes from the Youtube posting. I couldn’t do it justice. I don’t know that I could capture the weirdness so we’ll just let them call it like it is:

1 Mari Atsumi 夜のためいき (Yoru no tameiki) (1970) 2 伊東きよ子 [Kiyoko Itoh] 23時の女―ラブ・イン― (1970) 0 3 Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds Kokotsu / Ecstasy (1970) 4 池玲子 [Reiko Ike] 恍惚の世界 (Koukotsu no Sekai) (1971) 5 Sandra Julien Sexy Poem (1971) 6 Petite M’amie Girl Friend ~ Baby Doll (1971) 7 Kumi Taguchi エマニエル夫人~甘い夜のためいき (Tokyo Emmanuelle Fujin – Amai Yoru No Tameiki) (1976) 8 Tani Naomi Modae no Heya (1979) 9 Junko Mabuki 愛の奴隷 [Slave of Love] (1980)

Known as Iroke Kayōkyoku, Japan’s aural erotica genre generally features the naughty vocalizing of beautiful B-movie starlets who coo, purr, groan, moan, giggle, whisper, lustily narrate, and only occasionally sing over groovy tunes ranging in style from lounge, new age, and jazz tracks to sleazy disco, usually packaged with nude portraits on the cover, centerfold inserts, and the occasional fold-out poster. The starlets tend to be from pink films (pinku eigu), a type of softcore sexploitation that, like Iroke Kayōkyoku, is distinctly Japanese. Recent attention has led to re-issues in Japan, especially the Oriental Erotic Sunshine series by Tokyo based Tiliqua Records, a series of one-time limited CD pressing re-releases of many of these erotic Japanese LPs from the sixties and seventies. These re-issues in part have led to a renewed interest in these releases and in their original vinyl format; some of which go for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

See? I told you this was different. Well, in not so many words. Does this even have a western counterpart though? It doesn’t seem so to me, but there are Universes out there still unexplored. I’ll get to some of them but for now this is about as far out there as I’ve heard in a long time. Three tracks in and it sounds like someone is being whipped… okay then. This one is going to be a ride, but I’m stuck here sick at home. Why not expand the world a bit?

Just to be clear though, everything is wrong with this. It’s about as sexist as anything I’ve ever heard committed to tape. It’s worse in its own way than a lot of hardcore. Definitely made for male audiences, though I know there are some women who might get off on it too.

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