World War III Radio: Various – Tokyo Violenta – Best Sound Collection 70s Japan Blaxploitation Funk/Soul Soundtrack

Tokyo Violenta… This motherfucker is so 1970s that it’s wearing bellbottoms and just watched news highlights from Saigon. It’s so 1970s that it doesn’t really believe yet smoking causes cancer and it just bought gas at 45 cents a gallon. It’s really kind of something… exactly what doesn’t matter. I don’t exactly care. It’s a riot, and hence it belongs right here with me on the front lines of the war.

This week has felt like a war too, what with the elections and all the heated nonsense and agitprop that goes with that. Then there was the newly renewed misinformation war on Elon Musk’s Twitter. Some nefarious player tanked Eli Lilly’s pharma stock with a fake account tweet, to the tune of 30 billion dollars or some obscene figure like that. That’s kind of a victory in a way to a company that is gouging people for insulin and other life-saving medications. The whole truth is though that those losses are usually felt hardest in the retirement accounts and investments of regular folks. You know, the people who always shoulder the weight of any fucking burden that comes down from above. That’s what the real trickle-down was from the big economic changes of the 80s. The only thing that trickled down was the debt.

But hey, it’s wartime, right? Have to keep America strong, because we are free and we’re the best country in the world, blah blah blah…

Fuck it. I’m sorry. Forget about all that and just dance to these groovy jams.

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