World War III Radio: Gods Of Something – A Forgotten Realm (Nov 22, 2021)

Vaporwave and now post-vaporwave? These internetz kidz iz killiing me with all these words! They have the vibe and mood set though so they get a pass. We’ll start with the music today, no need for a long preface. It’s all just words anyway. Just words and words are rarely enough anymore. We have enough words.

GODS OF SOMETHING… That name alone will haunt me for days. I wish I’d found something to apply it to before they snagged it. Gods of something… Gods of anything… We’re all looking for that higher power, some mythical force in the Universe that might be the only thing bigger than the rest of this mess we’ve made. We’re going to need something more powerful than ourselves to fix this.

Or maybe there’s no fixing…

If there is a god anything like ol’ Jehovah from the Bible then he’s going to sit and watch how we handle it… and if it works out like the prophesies of the Bible he’s going to get frustrated, burn it all and maybe start from scratch later on, but he never got around to writing about what happens have the Apocalypse. We’re awaiting the sequel but maybe there isn’t one.

None of it is particularly inspiring, I mean, we’ve all become so addicted to drama at this point that Heaven sounds pretty fucking dull, doesn’t it? Heaven is a place, where nothing ever really happens, as the song goes. It doesn’t sound so bad for those of us done with the drama, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be able to give it up just to float around on clouds smiling and waving and being holy.



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