Sliding into Valentines Day with new sounds by Permanent//Zeimp, cool and steady and easy vaporwave or barber beats or whatever it’s called today. It’s mellow and that’s what the mood calls for. This one was only just released on February 2nd, so less than two weeks prior to this very moment. But what’s the mood that called for this? I don’t know, really. Just give it a listen and see what you think. If you can sort out the words for it, come and tell me so I know what I’m feeling. My emotional vocabulary has never been the best. I can hear things that sound like what I feel. I can see images that might look like what I’m feeling if I could draw it, or take a photo.

Words? Words always seem less than sufficient. Music works.

I’m getting ready to get on the train today to go into work. A long walk seems in order but there isn’t the time this morning. And by long walk I mean one of those walkabouts that can feel endless and timeless, where I just find myself home days later processing what I’ve seen and where I’ve been. Not timeless either, but out of time, like inter-dimensional, not here and not there. Not fully in the past, present or future. Drifting, sort of Ground Control to Major Thom stuff.

Good stuff. Far above the world.

Soon. We’ll do one of those soon, just me, myself and I. Soon.

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