World War III Radio: Modest by Default — Admissible Vol I

Same vibe as yesterday, isn’t it? The mood is consistent, if somewhat more melancholy today with MODEST BY DEFAULT and this release from late 2021. This one dropped as almost a Christmas present I guess. But anyway, yes, the mood is somewhat more melancholy, with a dash of bitter to flavor things. Not the music. That’s me. The music is sad on its own. Me? That’s where you’ll find the swirling resentments. War will do that to a soul, what with the continual fighting and sleepless nights wondering when the boot is finally going to drop. Or if it ever will. Patience has never been my strong suit so the temptation will always be there to fuck shit up in advance just to be done with the anticipation, and with the real or imagined fears.

Narrator’s voice: How has that worked for you?

My voice: Fuck you too.

But life really isn’t so bad. It’s in my head. Or rather, most of it is out of my control so it exists in my head only by my choice. Let go or be dragged, kid. Let go or be dragged. Drift along with the music.

If you happened upon this, you’re probably wondering what this guy is even talking about. Well, the plain truth is that it doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t really matter.

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