World War III Radio: Farflung – 25.000 Feet Per Second (1995)

Going a little harder this morning, for no particular reason at all and no particular place to go but harder. No idea where Farflung is from, or if they were ever part of that whole scene from Southern California off there in the desert. They sound like they may have been but who knows? I’ve been told I sound like a lot of things. People hear what they want to hear. To my ears, Farflung could have grown up with Kyuss and that crew. They’re ripping open that same hole in space where the asteroids come smashing in. It’s a space I’ve only seen from afar but the stories of these desert cosmonauts are compelling enough. We probably would have been friends had we existed at the same time in the same place, making noise not to be heard really by anyone but ourselves but a kind of spiritual ritual. We are invoking powers bigger than ourselves with no delusion whatsoever that we could control what we were calling once it arrived. We were inviting the planet to be destroyed, not even out of anger or hate, but from tedium.

This morning I’m mining those 90s where everthing and nothing seemed possible, depending on which way the wind was blowing. Here in 2023 we all, regardless of age, are pretty well certain we’re fucked. In the 90s there were days that seemed brighter than others. Here and there.

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