Radio Quarantine -ШТАДТ – Мразь (2020)

ШТАДТ or Stadt… Electro-Industrial, Synth Punk, Darkwave, Post-punk (post-Soviet?) Minimal Synth, EBM… All these are “things” apparently. I’ll take it. Moscow nightlife must be a panic.

0:00 Human Collapse (feat. Qual)

3:48 Особь без лица

5:59 Обессилен (Уничтожен)

9:17 Жажда

11:53 Желчь

15:35 Завтра будет и этого мало

18:45 Мразь

25:58 Дефект / Плетью (Live) [Bonus track]

Truly nothing to say today. Sleep was elusive, maybe too much industrial nightmare vibe. This was good enough to pause and share though.

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